Action plan to heal Sword Lake turtle

An action plan to treat the wounds of the turtle in Guom Lake (Sword Lake) have been drawn up and revealed at a press conference by the Hanoi Party Committee’s Department of Propaganda and Training on Monday.

The injured turtle in the Sword Lake is about to be caught with net for treatment

According to Le Xuan Rao, director of the Department of Science and Technology, the plan comprises of nine steps to be executed from March. The treatment may prolong from 2 months to two years, depending on the turtle’s health.

The first step will focus on the necessary and technical preparations, including the designing of a net to catch the turtle. The council selected to administer the treatment will draft the various and alternate methods of cure. The team has already installed a tank and water pumping system at the Turtle Tower.

The second step will entail moving the turtle ashore with the net, which is being specially designed to ensure the safety of the turtle. Later it will be moved to the tank for treatment.

Experts will then collect samples of mucus from the wounds to find any disease-causing bacteria. This process will determine the gender and DNA of the turtle which will prove useful for research in future.

The turtle’s wounds will initially be treated with safe, tried and tested remedies.  Scientists will then analyze and segregate the disease-causing bacteria and build a long term treatment plan.

The scientists will then be able to decide which remedy to apply and calculate the amount of dosage required. After treatment, the turtle will be transported to the tank to recuperate for a period of time.

By this time the Sword Lake cleaning project will have completed and the turtle can be returned back into the Lake waters.  

By A.Thu – Translated by Nguyen Mien

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