Annual amnesty announced for prisoners

The Presidential Office has announced the annual amnesty program for prisoners ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Under Decision No. 1744/2008/QD-CTN announced on December 9, the amnesty will apply to those serving terms at jails run by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Defense.

To be pardoned by President Nguyen Minh Triet, inmates should have served, by December 31, at least a third of their sentences or 14 years in case of life terms.

Their conduct in jail will also be considered as will their payment of fines and compensations.
Lifers who have served just 12 years and others who have served a fourth of their sentences will also be granted amnesty if they meet certain requirements -- they must have behaved outstandingly well in jail; be war invalids or have been decorated in the fight against the American invaders; be relatives of martyrs or children of heroic mothers or belong to revolutionary families; have terminal diseases; have been a juvenile at the time of committing the crime; be 70 years old or older; be the only child of needy families; be pregnant women or have children below three years.

By Tr. Binh – Translated by Quang Thinh

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