Breakthrough needed for economic growth: deputy

At the first meeting of the seventh session of the People’s Council on December 4, Hua Ngoc Thuan, deputy chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City said so far the City has been successful in meeting 24 of its 30 targets set for the 2012 socio eco development plan.

The meeting was presided by Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam, chairwoman of the People’s Council of HCMC. Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the People’s Committee; Nguyen Van Dua, deputy standing secretary of the Party Committee; Duong Quan Ha, chairman of the HCMC Chapter of the Vietnam Fatherland Front; and Huynh Thanh Lap, head of the HCMC National Assembly, attended the meeting.

Thuan said that the City’s GDP growth stood at 9.2 percent but the City’s economy was developing unsustainably and was currently quite unstable, while CPI was too low.

Other factors were also a cause such as global economic downturn and unreasonable policies.

Tran Van Khuyen wanted to point out agencies and individuals that should be held accountable for wrongdoings. He mentioned a specific case in which a leader of a health agency gave a speech that was full of generalities on how many traditional medicine clinics were fined and faced revocation of business licenses.

Deputies from Go Vap District asked for the names of these clinics and addresses and who to hold responsible at these clinics.

Van Duc Muoi said the City should adopt measures to prop up the economy as there are still no measures in place to achieve targets set for the coming year. He wanted to hear of more measures that would bring about a breakthrough in the economy in 2012, as almost 17,000 enterprises have shut down and many more are in the process to do so.

Hence, the City should have extremely practical measures in place to resolve difficulties for enterprises in 2013.

Deputies present at the session also drew attention to increase in street robberies in Ho Chi Minh City, with many serious incidents  occurring of late.

Lam Dinh Chien said robberies were rampant in every district and proposed to the People’s Council to crack down on this problem, while Tran Trong Dung asked for more budget allocation to fight criminal elements.

Nguyen Tan Tai said that now City residents are worried when driving on streets and suggested a campaign to crack down on criminals, with people and police playing an important role.

By V. Anh, Hong Hiep - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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