Charity program launched to benefit children with heart disease

A charity program themed ‘Connecting million hearts for Vietnamese disadvantaged children’ has been launched for children health benefit.

The program has been jointly launched by the Understanding of the Heart Fund, the Vietnam Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Young Business Association and the Vietnam Young Physicians Association.

The program will conduct 2,000 free surgeries for children born with heart diseases; offer examination and healthcare for one million children; provide training in first aid to 30,000 preschool and primary school teachers; and support nutrition for 3,000 needy children.

In addition, the fund will also build 50 charity houses and 10 daycare centers for children.

In the two year period from 2013-2015, the charity program will call for one million members to contribute VND8,000 each person per month to stabilize the fund. Donations will be asked via text message ‘HVTT’ sent to 1404. Each message donates VND 8,000  to the charity.

By Khac Thi – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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