Current salary meets 75 percent female worker’s demand

Participants said at a meeting held by the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Union  yesterday on its female activities in industrial parks that basic current salary can meeting 75 percent of a female worker’s demand.

Because basic salary is not enough for government workers to cover  their demand, female laborers must work overtime or take another part-time job to cover their demand; accordingly they have no time for entertainment activities or health care.

Participants therefore proposed the city authorities to set up more kindergartens and condos for female to assure them. Labor unions in companies should work more in providing female laborers with knowledge of reproductive health-care, counseling of marriage and family, family violence and finance management.

Additionally, labor unions should provide capital to female workers to improve family’s finance; help them in finishing formality for their children’s schooling, and periodical medical check-up.

By Hong Hai - translated by Anh Quan

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