Demand of Vietnamese internal decoration workers rises

Around 1,000 Vietnamese workers will work in Japan for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics  to be taken place in Japan.

Toshiyuki Iwasaki, representative of Nohara Corporation said that the corporation and its partners have the labor shortage; accordingly they have planned to recruit around 1,000 Vietnamese laborers working in internal decoration sector with three year contracts.

Vietnamese laborers will earn VND32 million (US$1,496) per head per month in the first year and the income will be able to increase in the following years depending on workers’ skill and agreement with employers.

The corporation and Haindeco opened the second training course of internal decoration on November 27. 63 Vietnamese laborers will be taught Japanese language and their skill will be improved within next four months. Before, these laborers have participated in the first training course on July, 2014 and as scheduled, they will arrive in Japan in January, 2015.

Mr. Toshiyuki Iwasaki said that Vietnamese internal decoration workers  will work in factories for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics.

By Duong Loan – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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