Dioxin effects in Viet Nam Evidenced

A five-year old Agent Orange victim (R)

Vietnamese children are suffering lingering consequences of the chemicals used during the Vietnam War, affirmed professor Nguyen Trong Nhan, Vice President of the Vietnam Dioxin/Agent Orange Victims Association in an internaitonal meeting on March, 28, 2006.

A Columbia University scientist said that between 1961 and 1971, the US military dropped more than 100,000 tons of toxic chemicals on southern Vietnam.

Dioxin, the main ingredient of Agent Orange, has been blamed for hormonal and genetic mutation that cause diseases such as leukemia, immune deficiencies, reproductive and developmental changes and nervous system damage.

It accumulates in animal and human tissue and can be passed on to babies through breast milk.

Dioxin is the most dangerous man-made poison. An amount of 80-gram dioxin dropped into the drainage could even lead to the destruction of a city with a population of 8 million.

Scientists showed that dioxin content in blood and fat of Vietnamese A/O victims reached the abnormally high level.

Even US analysts proved that dioxin level in Vietnamese victims is up to 19.2 ppt, (in comparison with 1.38 ppt amount in normal people).

The toxic mainly lead to congenital malformation, which is why most families of those innocent victims are extremely poor for the shortage of labor force.

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By HD - Translated by Van Hanh

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