Discovery of Gene Mutation in Agent Orange Victims: Scientists

Out of 174,200 Agent Orange victims, 170,000 are the first generation (F1 generation) and over 5,500 infected are the second generation (F2). It is thought the third generation may suffer congenital malformation because some scientists have discovered gene mutation in the victims; the disease appears in grandchildren but it does not in grandmothers and parents.

Research Center for Gender, Family and Environment in Development (CGFED) held a seminar entitled “The Wishes of Agent Orange Victims” on March 16, 2006 in Ha Noi. Participants are scientists from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Korea, the US, Sweden, Russia and representatives of American and Vietnamese veterans.

A victim of Agent Orange



The representatives provided information on chemical agents used during war time. Mr. Le Ke Son, a member of the National Board in charge of overcoming Agent Orange consequences said in : many Vietnamese children have suffered congenital malformation due to chemical agents.

Mrs. Annika Johansson from the International Sub-Institute of Health of the Karolinska Institute of Sweden, reaffirmed recent researches have shown that heavy dioxin concentration was found human blood samples in Vietnamese regions where US Army sprayed Agent Orange. 

Heavy dioxin concentration appears in areas around former American bases with dioxin containers and warehouses. Dioxin concentration in those who live in Bien Hoa, where the US base was deployed there during the war, is 271-billionths compared to 2-billionths in those living in Ha Noi, where no Agent Orange was used.

Particularly, dioxin is built up in mother’s milk and can be transmitted to her children when she feeds them. As a result, babies absorb up to 95% of dioxin from mother's milk. Annika Johansson added dioxin content in the South Viet Nam can be up to 600 kg, three and a half times higher than the reported 170 kg for the past decades.

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By Q.P - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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