Drowning claims 3,500 Vietnamese kid lives annually

Drowning is a top killer in five causes of death among children between 1–19 years old in Vietnam.

Kids usualy die from drowning in summer vacation (Photo: SGGP)

Kids usualy die from drowning in summer vacation (Photo: SGGP)

Annually, drowning claims 3,500 children and minor lives in the country or it kills 10 people a day.
Of all age group, the number of kids aged from zero to four died due to drowning is 36 percent, and the group from five to nine years old accounts for 25 percent and the group from ten to fourteen accounts for 26 percent.
The number of deaths due to drowning skyrockets in summer vacation; accordingly, chief of the Ministry of Health’s Medical Environment Management Agency Nguyen Thi Lien Huong said that not only in Vietnam but also in developing countries have seen the upward trends of drowning deaths.
As per the Medical Environment Management Agency’s statistics, Over 370,000 kids suffer injuries from incidents per year averagely. 6,600 kids die from incidents nationwide accounting for 35.5 percent in the nation’s figures of five causes of death.

Of 100,000 kids, 24 of them die from incidents or 18 die a day. Boys are sufferred incidents more than girls and the mortality rate of boys is three times higher than girls.
Because increased number of drowned kids in rainy season, the Ministry of Health advised people to keep an eye on kids during the season. Most popular place usually taking place are paths to schools, construction sites, water containers.
To prevent the incident, the Ministry warned people to adopt measures in which include barriers around house if the house’s surrounding areas have ponds; construction investors must place warning sign and parents should lead kids to schools in flooding season.

By QUOC LAP - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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