Efforts made to protect domestic production, customers

The National Steering Committee for anti-smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods (called the Steering Committee 389 in short) on June 24 announced the establishment of its Standing Office to help further protect domestic production.

At the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc confirmed that the Government, ministries and localities nationwide have worked very hard to combat trade frauds, smuggling and the trading in counterfeit commodities.

The illegal activities are, however, taking place in a more complex manner on a larger scale, badly affecting consumers’ health as well as social order, he noted.

Dealing with the situation, the Steering Committee 389 Office, which will sit at the headquarters of the Customs Office, is expected to make sizeable contributions to fighting the trading in contraband, counterfeit goods, and trade frauds, stabilizing the macro-economy and safeguarding domestic production, Phuc said.

Earlier, on June 15, the Department of E-commerce under the Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced a system to assess the trustworthiness of e-commerce websites in Vietnam to help local customers stay away from online trade frauds.

The system will evaluate each e-commerce site basing on credibility, payment method, internet environment and quality of traded products. The result will be published on the trade and industry ministry's website at www.moit.gov.vn.

Online trade has experienced growth, thanks to its convenience and diverse offerings of goods. The sector generates revenue of 2 billion USD each year in Vietnam.

However, recent cases of fraud by e-commerce websites have raised serious concerns among consumers over the credibility of this model of trading.

It is expected that the e-commerce website evaluation system will help improve the e-commerce environment and protect consumers from fraudulent websites.

Source: VNA

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