Foreign Ministry asks Brunei to free nine Vietnamese fishermen

According to the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, police officials in Brunei seized a fishing vessel with nine Vietnamese fishermen on board on Jan.20, said to have strayed into their waters.

Soon after the incident occurred, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry requested the Embassy of Brunei in Hanoi and other concerned agencies to explain the circumstances of the arrest of the nine fishermen, who all hail from the central province of Binh Dinh, and also to ensure their safety.

The embassy sent a representative to visit the fishermen held at the Bandar police station, and reported that all nine fishermen were safe and in good health.

The Consulate Department of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry has sent a diplomatic letter to the Brunei Embassy in Hanoi to ask for swift resolution to the incident and to free all the nine Vietnamese fishermen along with their fishing vessel at the earliest.


By Thanh Nam – Translated by MT

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