Futile attempt to net Sword Lake turtle

All efforts by the authorities to net the Sword Lake turtle yesterday morning turned futile when the turtle tore the nets to shreds, attempting to escape.

Workers trying to net the Sword Lake turtle (Photo: SGGP)

Besides attempting to net the turtle, divers were also deployed to mobilize and monitor the rescue operation and try to keep the nets under water.

After being surrounded for several hours, the turtle tore two of the nets to make its escape. Rescue workers finally retrieved the nets and halted the operation, which was being watched by thousands of people.

The turtle in the net (Photo: SGGP)

Dr Le Xuan Rao, director of the Department of Science and Technology said that in the coming days, workers would spread sand on the area around the Turtle Tower and place bait there, to lure the turtle to move to the area.

However, if the turtle still does not move to the Turtle Tower on its own, officials will then have to use nets to move it.

To ensure that the turtle does not escape anymore once it is caught by nets, workers will use special tools to move it to the Turtle Tower.

The turtle tears the nets to escape (Photo: SGGP)
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By Tran Binh – Translated by Hai Mien

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