Graduates to work in remote hospitals

Graduates from various medical universities will in future be required to compulsorily devote a minimum of two years of work in hospitals in remote parts of the country.

This forms the basis of an important draft plan to develop human resources for the health sector during 2011-2020.  Under the new regulation, it will become compulsory for medical graduates of preventive health, pediatric, psychology and tuberculosis to work at a state-run medical clinic in far and remote regions for two years before they can apply for a job in a hospital of their choice.

During this period they will receive an allowance, national security, area transfer and job risk insurance. They will also receive training expenses, skill practice expenditure, special bonus and free accommodation.

The Ministry of Health has set 2020 as the target to commence the program. The country is expected to have a ratio of 10 doctors, 12 nurses, 12 pharmacists and 8 medical practitioners per every 10,000 persons.

Besides this program, most private and state-run medical centers must also meet the requirements of the ministries of Health and Education and Training also facilitate training of equipment as well as teaching skills.  Universities are expected to have their own hospitals where graduates can practice their skills and doctors can undertake treatment cases.

The new draft plan intends to resolve the imbalance in the quality of service and raise the standard of human resource between larger hospitals in big cities and those in remote regions.

By K. Nguyen - Translated by Nhat Lam

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