Hanoi starts new work, class hours

Hanoi Capital began Wednesday a pilot project to adjust the work and class hours of more than 2 million residents following a Government decision to stagger start times in a bid to ease traffic congestion during rush hour.
Office workers, schoolteachers and students at the kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools are subject to the time adjustment.

A photo taken at 7 AM on February 1, 2012 shows a traffic police officer at work at O Cho Dua Junction in Hanoi (Photo: Vietnam News Agency)

The first day of implementation saw traffic chaos in front of schools in Hanoi.

At Ngo Si Lien High School in Ham Long Street, Hai Ba Trung District, serious traffic chaos took place right after the morning classes finished at 12:15 PM because the afternoon classes started at 12:30 PM.

All of the school’s management, teachers and volunteers joined efforts to deal with the chaos. Finally, all students of the afternoon classes had to queue outside until all students of the morning classes got out of the school.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education and Training announced that the new work hours taking effective on Feb. 1 are 8 AM-12 AM, and 1 PM-5 PM.

On Wednesday, traffic police were deployed from 6 AM to help traffic flow. 

As from Feb. 1, students at high schools and higher education levels start at 6:30 AM and end at 7.30 PM; kindergartens, primary and secondary schools start at 8 AM and finish at 5 PM; while workers at trade centres start at 9 AM and finish at 7 PM.

By Bich Quyen and Phan Thao, translated by Tuong Thuy

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