Hanoi to conserve energy during peak hours

The Hanoi Power Corporation announced on March 7 that Hanoi plans to shut off at least 50% of street lighting during peak hours aiming to save energy in preparation of the coming summer months.

Hanoi will cut off 50 percent of street lightning during peak hours to save energy in dry season

Hanoi has also asked companies advertising on large and well-lit billboards to turn off all lights after 10pm otherwise their power supply would be cut off. Residents were also advised to use solar water heaters, limit the use of electrical appliances during peak hours and turn off electrical appliances when not in use.

Enterprises must make the most use of natural light and ventilation, turn off lights when there were fewer people working, use energy-efficient electric devices and  only use air conditions when absolutely necessary.

Hanoi will also step up a strict check on energy conservation on lighting in hallways, courtyards and parks with an aim to save 50% of energy during peak hours, exceptions to be made only during festivals and special events.

EVN Hanoi also announced the new electricity prices and implementation procedures to sell electricity to the poor.

By A.Thu-translated by Thanh Huong

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