House to grill state bank governor over gold prices

Chief of the National Assembly Office Tran Dinh Dan on Wedenesday told the press that the NA would question Governor of State Bank of Vietnam Nguyen Van Giau on the bank’s responsibility over gold price dancing this week.

The hearing session of the NA will be held next week but the office has received 246 questions from NA members aiming to put several governments’ members through the mill such as the ministers of Information and Telecommunications, Internal Affairs, Industry and Trade and even the Prime Minister.

Because of gold price rocketing up, that the press call the dancing of the commodity prices, NA members desire to hear from him explanations of the cause of the increase and management on monetary policy.

In addition, NA members also want to know about the results of the first economic stimulus package. The package was aimed at providing subsidies to production and trade through loans but in many provinces it seemed to be used mainly to lend traders and it was hard for farmers and farming collectives to benefit from the package.

The minister of Internal Affairs must answer about policies towards government workers, focusing on their life in the continuous increase in prices. The minister of Information and Telecommunications will be asked on management over the media, how to guarantee freedom of press and ensure respect for the press law at the same time.

The minister of Industry and Trade is expected to make clear production of export goods that can not reach this year target and plans of hydropower projects in the central region, leading public concerns over floods after recently water release by several hydropower plants.

By Anh thu-Translated by Dan Que

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