Leather and Shoe Industry Not to Achieve its 2007 Export Targets

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce yesterday said that the leather and shoe sector will not achieve its 2007 export targets due to ongoing operational obstacles, especially lack of workers. 

A shoe factory in Binh Duong Province

Based on demand trends for clothes and shoes for the year-end holiday season, leather and shoe manufacturers should be at peak production now.

Unfortunately, due to a shortage of workers, they have only been able to manage a modest volume of contracts. Consequently, the sector’s export turnover for November is estimated to reach only US$320 million, equivalent to that of last year.

According to a Ministry of Industry and Commerce, since the beginning of the year, the country’s leather and shoe sector has exported US$3.53 billion, an increase of 9.5 percent compared with the same period of the previous year.

To achieve the sector’s 2007 target, US$4 billion, the industry will have to export US$500 million of leather and shoes in December, a task considered beyond its capabilities this year.

By V.L. – Translated by Phuong Lan

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