Ministry bans several contractors from bidding

Several contractors of Ho Chi Minh Highway and projects in Can Tho City and Lai Chau Province have been banned from further project due to violations in construction and investment regulations, according to the Ministry of Transport Inspectorate on March 6.

The banned contractors include large companies like COMA3, Hanoi Construction Company No.44, Thang Long Experiment and Construction Company and Mechanical Engineering Construction Company No 623.

Thanh An 119 Company  and 620 Chau Thoi Concrete Corporation have been prohibited from bidding for two years due to violations while working on projects with the Can Tho City Department of Transport.

The Transport Ministry Inspectorate ordered agencies to block accounts of the violators. They also suspended two supervisors and one engineer for negligence.

These contractors failed to ensure the work progress and were irresponsible for implementing bids. They could not present documents required.

By Bich Quyen – Translated by Hai Mien

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