Ministry wants foreign TV programs edited

Foreign programs broadcasting via pay television (Pay TV) will be edited and translated before broadcast by a licensed company, according to an announcement on June 8, by the Radio, Television and E-Information Department of the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC).
The new regulation is approved by the Prime Minister and is effective from March 24 this year. Any foreign program must meet the required conditions before broadcast on Pay TV.

Pre-broadcast editing and translation of all foreign programs for pay Television is a prerequisite for approval to ensure that the contents did not violate press and advertising regulations of Vietnam. 

Moreover, the program's form and genre must be reasonable, palatable to larger audiences and sustain the country's long-term interests, besides being approved by the ministry.

All advertising must be conducted in Vietnam and not contrary to the country’s law. A Pay TV service provider will be fully responsible for the contents of the advertisements. If the advertisement has been created in a foreign country, it should be re-edited to suit Vietnamese press and advertisement criteria.

However, live foreign television programs such as popular sporting events, closing and opening ceremonies of games in the region and the world cannot be edited.

By Tran Luu - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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