Ministry works on prison amnesty list

The Ministry of Public Security's Prisons Management Department held a press conference yesterday to supply information to the media about a special amnesty for next year.

This will be to mark Lunar New Year and the 79th founding anniversary of the Vietnam Communist Party (February 3, 1930).

The deputy head of the department, Colonel Nguyen Van Ninh, said the special amnesty of 2009 would be the first amnesty to be implemented following the Law on Special Amnesty (put into effect in March 2008).

Mr. Ninh said the relevant offices that implement the amnesty were actively working, to ensure that the list of prisoners to be released would be proposed to President Nguyen Minh Triet by January 13.

He also said from 2000 to now, only 4.6 percent of people set free by earlier amnesties were found to be recidivists.

Source: VNS

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