Murder Trial Ends with 17 Guilty Verdicts

The litigation in the trial of 17 Russian youths charged with the murder of a Vietnamese student came to an end at Russia’s St. Petersburg Court.

Vietnamese students celebrate the memory of Vu Anh Tuan on Oct 17, 2004 at Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

Ms. R. Vedenina from the Saint Petersburg procurator’s office confirmed that the evidence and confessions collected during their investigations have proven the guilt of the defendants.

She urged the defense lawyers, the defendants’ families, and themselves to look straight to the truth rather than get distracted by the double-speak.

Earlier, A. Deberdeyev, the oldest defendant among the 17 charged youths, retracted a confession the prosecutor tendered as evidence. Others were in full denial of any association with the crime.

A guilty verdict was still reached and official sentencing is the last thing separating the guilty parties from their appropriate punishments.

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Source: TTO – Translated by Thuy Hang

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