NA Seeks Clearer Regulations to Improve Labor Export

Breach of contract by Vietnamese workers abroad can be limited by crafting more specific regulations on the responsibilities of the businesses and workers involved, National Assembly deputies said in Friday’s discussions of the draft Law on Labor Export.

Most of them agreed that recruiting companies should be more regulated than mentioned in the draft, which deals mostly with workers’ rights and responsibilities.

Some suggested the new law should regulate the service and deposit fees of labor export firms based on their operational scale in order to protect the rights of workers and encourage competition among the labor companies.

Deputy Nguyen Ngoc Tran from An Giang Province stressed the need for more detailed regulations on the responsibilities of overseas administrators.

"The function of overseas administration offices must include inspecting the owner-worker agreements in the labor export contracts. If there is any doubt, conflict or violation, they must promptly report the case to the local authorities," Mr. Tran added.

The deputies made many recommendations as to what the conditions and procedures should be to license a business in this field, and on the number of branches a business should be allowed to have.

According to the draft law, a Vietnamese labor exporter cannot establish more than three branches abroad.

In the afternoon, the deputies gave opinions on the draft amendments and supplements to the Labor Code, focusing on labor disputes, strikes and settlement, for submission to the full National Assembly in the closing session.

By H.M, A.P – Translated by Trong Khuong

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