National Assembly: GDP Growth over 8%

The National Assembly Standing Committee has agreed with the Government’s latest forecast of 8.1-8.2% for the economic growth this year, while the earlier prediction was 8%.

During its 44th session in Ha Noi from Oct 9 to 14, the NA Standing Committee shared the same opinion with the Government on the new forecast. 
Given the forecast, the country’s per capita income is projected at US$720. The committee also agreed with the Government about next year’s GDP growth target of 8.3-8.5% and per capita income of US$820, which is US$100 higher than this year’s estimated figure.

During the session, the NA Standing Committee heard the Government’s report on the implementation of the socio-economic tasks and the State budget for 2006; the socio-economic development and investment plans for 2007; and the State budget estimate and the budget allocation plan for 2007.

This year’s consumer price index is forecast to increase by 7.2-7.5%, lower than the economic growth. The NA Standing Committee and the Government agreed to control next year’s CPI increase to keep it lower than the GDP growth.

In general, this year’s growth quality is not high, said the NA Standing Committee. Initial fruits have been achieved in the combat against corruption but the struggle remains very challenging.

Also in the session, the committee further discussed the law bill on personal income tax, gave opinions on preparations for the 10th NA session also this month, and discussed other significant issues.

By Minh Giang – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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