National Technology Reform Fund: Yes or No?

At the eight meeting of full-time National Assembly members.

The full-time National Assembly (NA) deputies discussed 14 draft laws to be submitted to the coming tenth NA session at the ninth meeting lasting to August 26.

On the first day of the meeting, full-time NA deputies debated the Technology Transfer Law. Some support the establishment of a national technology reform fund, which will provide financial supports and preferential loans for technology transfer and reforms in remote areas, as well as for small-and-medium-sized enterprises.

However, others disagreed, suggesting an addition of more responsibilities and capital to the National Scientific and Technological Fund, which has already been regulated in the Law on Science and Technology.

Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong suggested the NA deputies to improve the quality of laws while ensuring the accomplishment of their assignments. He also requested the deputies to particularly focus on popularizing and concretizing laws, as well as applying laws in practice. 

The ninth meeting of the full-time National Assembly deputies started in Ha Noi on August 8.

The fourteen draft laws discussed at the ninth meeting are Law on Technology Transfer, Law on Donation and Transplant of Cell and Human Body Parts, Law on Addition to and Supplement of Law of Labor, Law on Tax Management, Law on Vocational Training, Law on Dyke and Dams, Law on Sending Employees to Work Abroad, Law on Sports and Games, Law on Gender Equality, Law on Residence, Law on Addition to and Supplement of Law on Organization of National Assembly, Law on Notary, Law on Association and Codes on Execution Procedure.

Reported by Bao Minh – Translated by Hoang Uy

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