New tropical low pressure hits East Sea

Northeast monsoon is causing an appearance of new tropical low pressure in East Sea’s southern territorial water, reported the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center yesterday.

By last night, the pressure was located at 5, 5- 6, 5 degrees north latitude and 115, 5- 112, 5 degrees east longitude.

Because of the influence of tropical depression circulation, both East Sea’s southern territorial water and Spratly Islands are facing unfavorable weather condition such as showery weather, thunderstorm and 2- 4 meters big waves.

Dealing with the weather condition, fishing vessels should need to keep close eyes the weather on the East Sea, the center announced.

In the mainland, the current weather  has had unusual changes compared to the last weather forecast. Particularly, showery weather and damaged cold are predicted to end soon in the area of Northern provinces, and the daily temperature will increase sharply in the upcoming days.

By January 13, the northern region will be sunny daytime with the highest temperature at 20- 22 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature in night at 12- 13 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the temperature in Ho Chi Minh City and southern regions will be at 21- 23 degrees Celsius in night and 29- 31 degrees Celsius daytime.

By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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