Nine landmines destroyed in northern Phu Tho Province

Nine landmines that were recently found along the Lo River in northern Phu Tho Province have been completely destroyed yesterday (Feb 28), according to Doan Hung District authorities.

The landmines were left over by the US army during the Vietnam War, and accidentally discovered by four secondary school students. The students were seriously injured as a mine exploded while they playfully handled them last Wednesday.

Each of the four students, who were from Tien Phong secondary school, received from VND2 to 3 million in compensation by the local administration.

Nguyen Trung Linh, the most severely injured also received VND10 million from the students’ donation fund of the Tien Phong secondary school.

To secure further safety in the area, an extensive search is being conducted for other landmines around the Lo River by provincial and local military forces.

Instruction leaflets on bomb detection and handling have been sent to local schools via an official document distributed by the Doan Hung District People's Committee.

Source SGGP - Translated by MT

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