No deaths reported in gas explosion in Bac Ninh Province

A huge gas explosion in a LPG factory at Khai Son Industrial Zone in Thuan Thanh District in the northern province of Bac Ninh on December 5 caused a stampede among hundreds of workers wanting to rush out of the burning factory building.

Witnesses said the blast occurred around 9.30am when employees of a gas company were pumping gas into a tank at the An Duong LPG factory owned by the An Duong Oil Company.

The blast was   followed by successive explosions and soon gigantic flames leapt into the sky and engulfed the entire factory causing panic and a stampede among hundreds of workers.

Bac Ninh Province and Thuan Thanh District authorities immediately deployed several fire engines to the site and cordoned off the street leading to the zone.

After three hours the fire was brought into control but the stench of gas covered the whole area.

The factory was totally destroyed and hundred of gas cylinders were found strewn across the charred factory remains.

No human casualties were reported but as many as 37 people have been admitted to hospital with burn injuries. Four persons are reported to be suffering from third degree burns and two are being treated at the Vietnam National Institute of Burns in Hanoi and the other two at the province’s General Hospital.

Estimated losses could go upto billions of dong. Local police are continuing to investigate the main cause of the explosion.

By N. Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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