Online Job Auction Premiers in Viet Nam

Markcom Human Resources Company, a division of the Markcom Group consulting firm, recently debuted its manpower and job bidding website in Viet Nam at


This is the first website in Viet Nam, aiming to benefit both recruiters and job seekers, to use an auction format for the competitive pursuit of jobs and the use of human resources.
Recruiters can find many qualified and experienced candidates on the website and will not be forced to pay such inflated salaries or HR companies’ percentage based commissions, thanks to the auction format.
There will also be no wasted time for recruiters in individually contacting candidates who are not interested in the recruited position. The well managed and easy to understand auction files should also increase efficiency in the hiring process.
Meanwhile, job seekers can easily find jobs that will meet their desired work specifications. The website can help them save time with submitting their documents and cutting down time wasted on unnecessary job interviews for inappropriate positions.
Reassuringly, all personal information will be confidential. There will even be access for high-ranking officers to discretely post their resumes on the website.

Source: TBKTVN – Translated by Yen Chuong

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