Party leader welcomes Cuban Party member

"The Party, the State and the people of Viet Nam consistently support the fight for justice of the Cuban people and are ready to share all its experiences over the last 25 years of doi moi (renewal) with Cuba," said Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong (R) welcomes member of the Communist Party of Cuba's secretariat Victor Gaute Lopez to Viet Nam. (VNA)

Speaking to a delegation of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) led by Victor Gaute Lopez, a member of the PCC's secretariat, in Ha Noi yesterday, Trong affirmed Viet Nam's determination to enhance unity, friendship, mutual trust and comprehensive co-operation between the two Parties, two States and two peoples.

He congratulated Cuban communist comrades with the success of PCC's first national conference earlier this year and said that with the sound policies and resolutions resulting from the conference, as well as the effort and leadership of the PCC, the Cuban people would overcome all challenges and obstacles they met in the drive to promote socialism.

In response, Lopez briefed the Vietnamese Party leader on the results of the PCC's first national conference and the political, economic and social situation in Cuba.

He expressed his admiration for Viet Nam's development achievements gained during the doi moi process, saying that such achievements would be valuable lessons for Cuba.

He also said that Cuba would make every effort to bolster solidarity and friendship between the two Parties and the two countries.

Earlier on the same day, the Cuban delegation met with a delegation of the Viet Nam Communist Party.

The two sides updated each other on the economic and social situation in the development process and law making. They also discussed ways to boost and expand friendship and co-operation


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