Party Makes Breakthroughs in War on Corruption, Waste

The Communist Party of Viet Nam has made various breakthroughs to combat corruption and waste in the country, said Mr. Tran Dai Hung, standing deputy chief of its Central Committee for Internal Affairs.

Mr. Tran Dai Hung

He told Sai Gon Giai Phong newspaper that the Party Central Executive Committee had issued, for the first time, a separate resolution on the Party’s leadership in the fight.

Two laws on fighting corruption and waste have just taken effect, and now the resolution has come into being.

The resolution includes various breakthroughs to support the fight, he said.

The decree highlights the importance of raising awareness of the two laws.

Though the Party’s charter embodies relevant rules already, the resolution too specifies the responsibilities of Party members.

They are required to be good examples in fighting corruption and waste, and to be committed to the fight, Mr. Hung said.

“If they don’t stick by their commitment, if they don’t say no to corruption, they will be disciplined. And the punishment for corruption will be heavier,” he said.

The resolution requires Party members to declare their assets, and Party units to supervise their members to discover abnormal income, he said.

It also states that all wrongdoers will be punished whatever their positions.

The decree stresses that the public has the right to observe Party members and Party units.

“The people have the right to denounce corrupt officials. What Party members are banned from doing will be made public so that everyone can observe,” he said.

He agreed it was true that waste in Viet Nam cost more than 1% of the country’s GDP every year, just as international experts and organizations estimated. 

By Nam Quoc – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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