Party’s Leadership of Press Needs to be Strengthened

The party’s leadership over press agencies must be renovated and strengthened in terms of politics and ideology, according to Directive No. 25-CT/TU issued by the Secretariat of the Vietnamese Communist Party Central Committee.

Most press organizations are operating efficiently and reflect the public’s aspiration, in fighting corruption and contributing to the building and development of the country.

However, some press agencies that have shortcomings and have made mistakes that needed to be corrected.

As stated in the directive, one of the reasons for this weakness is the loose management by the party committees of some press organizations.

Therefore, in order to implement a resolution passed at the Fifth Congress of the Party’s Central Executive Committee, the Party’s Central Secretariat calls on party committee at press organizations to implement the following priorities:

1. Maintain and renovate the party committee’s activities at press agencies.

2. Strengthening the education and management of party members and employees at press agencies. At the same time, exam and supervise party members’ activities at press agencies.

3. Adopt a common organizational structure for party committees at press agencies. 

4. Pay more attention to political education at press training organizations.

5. Reinforcing the leadership by party organizations and management agencies that are in charge of press agencies’ activities.

6. Co-coordinate with the authorities and other agencies in managing the activities of press organizations and enforcing the laws and regulations that govern journalism.

By Tran Luu – Translated by Truc Thinh

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