PM prioritizes investment to high-tech fields

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has recently approved a list of high-tech fields prioritized for investment and a list of high-tech products encouraged for development.

The 46 investment prioritized high-tech fields to be covered include microorganism technology in pollution treatment, the technology to design and produce central processing units (CPU), robot technology, integrated circuits (IC or microchip) and computer data storages, and technology to build huge oceangoing vessels.

The list of encouraged high-tech products comprises 76 products, including batteries for information and communication devices; high-resolution monitors; software for network security and information secrecy; recombinant proteins and enzymes for pharmacological purposes, industrial food and environment treatment; recombinant DNA and protein vaccines for human beings, livestock, poultry and aquatic products; and new, high-quality and high-yield plant varieties and animal breeds for industrial-scale production. 

Source:SGGP,VGP _Translated by Tran Tran

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