Rescuing damaged drifting fishing boat

The People’s Committee of Quang Nam province has made their decision in rescuing the fishing boat QNa 90334TS, which has been damaged and drifted in the region off the coast of Binh Thuan province since this Tuesday.

Yesterday, Le Phuoc Thanh, Chairperson of the Quang Nam People’s Committee, reported to the Search and Rescue Committee on saving boat QNa 90334TS from danger, due to the request of Le Thi Ly Minh, wife of Pham Quyen, captain of boat QNa 90334TS.

Four days previous, on June 14, the engine of the fishing boat QNa 90334TS had been seriously damaged and unable to be fixed. The boat has been drifting offshore, which is about 100 sea miles far from Phu Quy Island of Binh Thuan province. There are thirty fishermen got stuck on the boat.

Quang Nam People’s Committee directed the Border Guard Command to mobilize two other fishing boats nearby, the QNa 91135TS and the QNa 91009TS, to help the QNa 90334TS. However, until 3 pm on June 17, these two boats still could not solve the happening problem due to huge waves.

Around 7pm yesterday, all three boats were still drifting at the coordinate of 09012’N - 11002’E, about 66 sea miles far from Phu Quy Island toward southeast. The two rescue boats, QNa 91135TS and QNa 91009TS, however, were nearly out of fuel and could hardly keep on. In this region now, there is wind leveled 6, which is seriously threatening the crews on the boats.

By D.Quang, H.Minh, L.Nam – Translated by Huu Duy

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