Schools asked to prevent food poisoning

Education authority in Ho Chi Minh City has asked to increase food poisoning prevention at schools.

A document issued by the city’s Department of Education and Training said that schools in the city need to prevent food poisoning, ensure sanitation safety at canteens

Those schools that do not have canteens should sign contracts with food providers that can deliver meals within two hours to ensure freshness, the document said.

A school official or medical staff must be available to test meals before students and they should not deliver meals to students if finding unsafe signs, the document added.

In case that schools cook for students, it must buy food with clear indication of origin and legal companies. School management boards and medical staff should check hygiene practices in food safety management, food storage, preparation and serving. 

There should be daily report of all steps.

By Khanh Ha - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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