Seminar on methods to cure turtle wounds

The Hanoi city Department of Science and Technology hosted a seminar to discuss measures to cure the wounds of the ancient turtle in the Guom Lake (Sword Lake).

The injured turtle in Sword Lake

Kim Van Van from the Hanoi University of Agriculture, proposed to take the turtles out of the lake to treat them of any injury as well as clean the polluted lake water.

Vice chairman of the Vietnam Association of Ecology, Professor Mai Dinh Yen’s suggestion was that trained workers could use specially designed nets to catch the turtle and after being taken ashore, it could be carried on a stretcher to a plastic water tank for a checkup and treatment of any lacerations.

Scientists present at the seminar also suggested that relevant authorities must draft a plan to supplement new species of turtles into the Sword Lake, one which would suit the ecosystem of the lake.

Doctor Le Xuan Rao, director of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology said his department would consider the various proposals to take the turtle out of the lake.

The department had immediate plans to dredge the lake, clean the underwater pipes and remove any hostile objects in the lake whilst changing the lake water and also creating specific spots for the turtle to expose himself to the sun.

By Van Phuc – Translated by Nguyen Mien

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