Seventeenth session of National Assembly discusses judicial system reform

The Standing Committee of the National Assembly opened the 17th session yesterday. Delegates discussed the number of employees to work in the judiciary at all levels between 2009 -2010 and worked on the drafted amendment of the Ordinance on Organization of Criminal Investigations.

The delegates considered the People’s Supreme Court’s proposal to recruit a further 3,021 people for courts at ward level throughout the country. Among them, 1.506 are judges, 1,506 clerks and 683 administrators.

The Judiciary Committee of National Assembly approved the People’s Supreme Court’s proposal, but emphasized that the recruitment program will only be made after the Supreme Court transfers redundant employees to vacant positions, or lays them off if they are not qualified for the new positions.

The Supreme Court is allowed to recruit 1,500 employees for 2009 -2010.

Article 19 of the drafted amendment for the Ordinance on Organization of Criminal Investigations, a government proposal for border troops to conduct investigations into drug trafficking, was rejected.

Chairman of Economic Committee of the National Assembly Ha Van Hien rejected the proposal, as the main task of border troops is to protect border security.

Source: Lao Dong Newspaper – Translated by Phuong Lan

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