Smuggled firecrackers in Vietnam

Although firecrackers have been banned since 1995, many people burst crackers in some provinces such as Nghe An, Hung Yen, Thanh Hoa and Ha Tinh.

Firecrackers continue to sell illegally during the Tet season, quite often smuggled from China but sometimes even made right here in Vietnam. The sale of these crackers is done by word of mouth.

On February 5, police in Hanoi reported 17 incidents where they caught and punished people possessing and bursting firecrackers. The police also seized and confiscated 7.7 kilograms of explosives and 400 boxes of various kinds of firecrackers.

Smugglers actively travel to all the border markets each year during Tet to buy firecrackers made in China to sell to the local markets. As China also celebrates Tet during the same time, crackers are readily available in abundance.

By L.Nguyen,K.Quoc - Translated by Son Ha

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