State President visits ship’s owners, fishermen in Da Nang

State President Truong Tan Sang and his delegation visited, encouraged and gifted ship’s owners, fishermen in Da Nang City on July 2 after they returned from the fishing trips at the territorial water of Paracel Island.

President Truong Tan Sang visits fishermen, ship's owner in Da Nang (Photo:SGGP)

At the meeting, 25 out of 1,130 ship’s owners expressed deeply their gratitude to Party, State and Government to encourage and support them in the recent months.

The ship’s owners also affirmed strongly that they will continue to go out to the sea as well as collaborate with Vietnamese maritime polices to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel and the Spratly Islands.

In addition, the ship’s owners hoped that Government early will have policies to support fishermen to get the large-scale ship. They hoped that government should strengthen more fishing vessels, maritime police ships to ensure safe for fishermen in each offshore fishing trip.

State President met fishermen at Tho Quang port of Da Nang, July 2. Photo: Nguyen Hung

After listening to the opinions of ship’s owners, fishermen, President Truong Tan Sang said that Party, State and Government have always shared difficulties, which fishermen are facing in recent times.

President Sang praised fishermen’s brave actions in struggling for Sea & Islands' sovereignty, and hoped that fishermen will continue to go out to the sea to develop economic for themselves as well as to collaborate with fisheries surveillance & maritime police forces to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty.

At the meeting, President Sang gifted 25 fishing ship’s owners in Da Nang city.

Earlier, the President visited and encouraged crews, owners of DNa 90152 fishing ship, which was attacked by China's ships on the territorial water of the Paracel Island on May 26.

On the same day, President Sang visited and gifted maritime police forces in Da Nang City.

By Nguyen Hung- Traslated by Huyen Huong

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