Tropical Storm Bopha Approaching Eastern Sea

Tropical storm Bopha, the fourth to hit Viet Nam this year, is approaching the Eastern Sea, according to local meteorological sources.

The Central Hydrometeorology Center said the eye of the storm was at 22,5˚N – 120˚E Wednesday morning, 50 km from the southeast Taiwan, where the wind scale went to force 8 (around 62 to 74 kmh).

Bopha will be moving towards Viet Nam at a speed of 10kmh and stronger in 24 hours. The storm will cause gale force winds in the East Sea, announced the weather station.

The storm is predicted to continue its move to the northwest of the Dong Sa Island in the northern Eastern Sea. The storm Bopha’s circulation will cause strong winds and rough sea in southern Viet Nam.

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Source: VNA - Translated by Van Hanh

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