Trying To Prevent Fraud Trading and Speculative Hoarding

“Border smuggling, fraud trading and speculative hoarding will go on and on from now until the end of this year,” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Cam Tu, vice head of the Central Steering Committee against Smuggling and Trade Fraud, at a conference in the city of Hai Phong Wednesday.

Coal exploiting work in Quang Ninh Province

The country is trying to control inflation, false rumors such as rice price increase rumor in April, is unacceptable and confused many people.

The Central Steering Committee against Smuggling and Trade Fraud and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have directed that local authorities and relevant departments check and fine those who speculate in commodities or raise prices.

Coal smuggling in Quang Ninh Province via the Tan Thanh border crossing in Viet Nam's northern province of Lang Son and waterway transportation to China is now a big problem.

The local authorities are doing their best to prevent coal smuggling and supervise other violations in coal trading activities.

By Anh Nhi – translated by Kim Khanh

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