US’s evaluations on human rights in Vietnam inaccurate

Some assessments about Vietnam in the US Department of State’s 2013 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices are based on inaccurate information and do not reflect the real situation in Vietnam, said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Le Hai Binh on February 28.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Le Hai Binh (Photo: VNA)

In reply to reporters’ questions on Vietnam’s reaction to the US report, the spokesperson affirmed: “Ensuring human rights is a focus in all socio-economic policies of Vietnam. The country’s efforts have been recognised by the international community at the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), the second cycle in February this year.”

He underscored that in a straightforward and constructive spirit, Vietnam is always willing to hold dialogue with other countries that hold different points of view on human rights, including the US.

This will help enhance mutual understanding, thus narrowing differences and raising the accuracy and objectiveness of evaluations on human rights in Vietnam, he added.

Source: VNA

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