Viet Nam Reacts to a Bloodier Past Brought to Light

The Los Angeles Times (US) recently brought to light a confidential US Defense Ministry report giving evidence that more ordinary Vietnamese were killed by the US army than previous assessments attested, and Viet Nam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged internal healing, nation building and the solidification of friendly international relations.

Regarding Viet Nam’s reaction to the information, spokesman Le Dzung said, "The Vietnamese people never forget the impacts of war; however, springing from our peace-loving tradition, Viet Nam focuses on the future of creating good relations with other nations. The most important thing is that the whole world needs to come together to prevent such travesties in the future."

"Currently, Viet Nam still has to overcome many effects of the war. This includes searching for remains of nearly 300,000 missing people, distribution of regular benefits over 1.5 million wounded soldiers, martyrs’ families and victims of Agent Orange," said Mr. Dzung.

By B.H – Translated by Trong Khuong

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