Vietnam keeps track of imported milk prices

As of September 27, the General Department of Customs requested local customs to pay attention to checking imported milk prices.

Vietnam issues new decision to control milk product prices to protect customers' benefits

If the difference in imported milk prices among the same kind of products is over 10 percent, it’s necessary to check those products after customs clearance, said the General Department of Customs in its dispatch.

In addition, local customs need to investigate unusual declaration on milk prices before allowing products to be imported into Vietnam.

Concerning to strictly controlling prices of imported dairy products, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) issued the Circular No 122/2010 which comes into effect on October 1.

The circular rules that dairy companies must register prices of imported milk with the MoF's Price Management Department or the provincial departments of finance before selling products in the market.

The Government will apply measures to curb dairy prices if the prices are unusually varied because dairy is classified in the list of items need to be stabilized.


By L. Long – Translated by Nha Truc

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