Vietnamese-Canadians Lobby for Own Neighbourhood

 A group of Vietnamese-Canadians are lobbying for the establishment of a Viet Nam neighbourhood in Montreal, according to sources from the Vietnamese community.

There are some 42,000 overseas Vietnamese in Canada's second largest city. They are estimated to spend over 40 million USD in food and more than 100 million USD in total every year.

However, without a special neighbourhood made up with Vietnamese restaurants and foods, their spendings are currently poured into the pockets of non-Vietnamese businesspeople. Most food shops for people of Asian origins in the city are run by Chinese-Canadians in the city, said lobbyists.

They plan to choose the Jean Talon corner in Saint Denis town as the starting point for their project.

The part of the town that is proposed to be a Vietnamese neighbourhood is very convenient in traffic and busy with the operations of some Vietnamese food stores and restaurants already, said project lobbyists.

They cited wishes to create more jobs for overseas Vietnamese in Montreal and group them into a close community to help each other in doing business and preserve the traditional culture and original mothertounge as the reason for their move.

They said they also want to have more power in voting for issues of vested interests related to the Vietnamese community.

The potential neighbourhood will also become a heritage for Vietnamese-Canadians, handed down from generation to generation and a new communal for national pride, they said.
Source: VNA

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