VN Seeks International Support for Ethnic Minorities, Mountainous Regions

A conference will open on September 25 to seek international support for the socio-economic development program 2006-2010 for Viet Nam’s ethnic minorities and mountainous regions. 

Viet Nam seeks international support to improve lives of people in ethnic and mountainous regions (photo T.C)

Head of the Committee of Ethnic Minorities Ksor Phuoc said the conference will provide international donors with an overview on difficulties of ethnic minorities and in mountainous regions.
In addition, the conference will lead donors to issues of ethnic minorities and mountainous regions, about which the Vietnamese Government is caring.
Through the conference, Viet Nam will look for international resources to help people in ethnic and mountainous regions improve their lives and developmental capabilities, overcome difficulties, reduce poverty, and gradually integrate into the country’s development.
The conference is under preparation by the Committee of Ethnic Minorities and the Ministry of Planning and Investment under the Prime Minister’s guidance.

By Van Phuc – Translated by Yen Chuong

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