Wildlife rescuers save sea turtle laying eggs

Volunteers and wildlife rescuers in Hon Cau Island’s marine protective area in the South -central province of Binh Thuan discovered and took sea turtle’s eggs to safer shelter.

the turtle lays eggs in the shore in Hon Cau Island (Photo: SGGP)

the turtle lays eggs in the shore in Hon Cau Island (Photo: SGGP)

The female sea turtle with its length of 1.1 meter and its weight of 90 kilogram came ashore to build nests and laid its eggs, said Hon Cau Island’s marine protective area director Nguyen Thanh Phong
Phong said that the yesterday dawn, rescuers protected the turtle which laid 108 eggs on shore. Its eggs were taken to safer places.

As per the plan to protect sea turtle in 2017, the Hon Cau Island’s marine protective area management board and sponsoring organizations such as the global environment fund, have granted for small and medium projects in Vietnam, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Vietnam ( IUCN Vietnam) launched the program to protect sea turtle for develop eco-tourism with the participation of the community in the island . 
From May, 2017, the marine protective unit and related agencies discovered three turtle egg nests and removed one nest to safer places. 

This time is sea turtle’s nesting season, said Mr. Phuc; therefore, the management board would increase patrolling in the shore to detect and protect mama sea turtle and its egg nests.


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