Workers cautious of attractive recruitment offers

Even though many businesses rushed to recruit more workers after the Tet holidays, offering higher salaries, better welfare policies and bonuses, labourers were not lured by the offers.

Recruitment banner of a garment company. (Photo: SGGP)

Kollan & Hugo Knit Garment Company in Linh Trung 1 Export Processing Zone in Thu Duc District offered recruitment to a large number of labourers, both skilled and unskilled. The company decided to give each new employee a cash gift of VND200,000-400,000, depending on their position and promised salaries up to VND7 million per month.

Across the street, the Freetrend Company also guaranteed a salary of VND4.2-4.7 million per month, including lunch, dinner allowance, annual health check-up, one month annual bonus, productivity incentive, and training courses. The company also supported 100 per cent travelling expenses and initial payment of VND500,000 to each job seekers.

At the gate of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, workers were also overwhelmed by numerous recruit banners. For instance, Nidec Copal Vietnam Company advertised for 500 female labourers. It offered an average income of VND4-4.5 million per month along with one annual vacation, travelling allowance and bonus.

At Tan Binh Industrial Park, Nhat Minh Garment Company was advertising for 200 workers, proposing a salary of VND3.5-6.5 million per month. Besides, it also presented other attractive policies like free accommodation, lunch and social and health insurance.

Ly Phu Vinh Garment Company in Binh Tan District offered VND5-7 million per month for A-class workers. Dai Huong Duong Company was recruiting 200 workers, offering an income of VND4-5.5 million per month combined with VND450,000 in attendance bonus, accommodation, and allowances. Sprinta Vietnam also offered an income above VND5 million for several positions.

However, the irony was that the firms offering higher salaries and perks failed to recruit sufficient new employees, even though there were nearly 9,000 unemployed workers available every month. On the other hand, companies offering lower salaries and less perks still managed to retain their workers.

An employee of Ly Phu Vinh Company said that workers would receive high salaries of around VND7 million if they met the company’s targets in production. Meeting targets in production is difficult for most workers.

Moreover, if workers do not work overtime, their salaries are insufficient for their daily needs. Also, regardless of them being skilled or unskilled, the company only signs permanent contracts after a three-month probation period.

Workers from the Sprinta Company also disclosed that none had an income of VND5 million per month, even though they had been working in the company for a long time. To earn that high a salary, they must be highly skilled or constantly work overtime.

One human resource manager from a garment company said that by advertising higher salaries some companies hoped to draw workers from other businesses.

Earlier, workers vied with each other to grab jobs, but now only the new and inexperienced fell into the trap.

By Ho Thu – Translated by Thuy Doan

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