Workers return to work in Taiwan’s Formosa project

More than 16,000 workers have returned to work on the Formosa steel mill construction site in Vung Ang Economic Zone hit by anti-China violence, the Economic Zone Management Board in the central province of Ha Tinh reported on June 3.
Authorized agencies have taken timely actions to keep security and public order in the area, making workers and foreign investors secure to resume working after a fight erupted between Vietnamese and Chinese workers in mid-May.
The steel mill project is carried out by Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Company, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese Formosa Group.
On June 2, the company proposed the Ministry of Transport to permit them to use 90 ton tank trucks to transport cement from Quang Binh and Ha Tinh Province.
The trucks will travel on the National Highway 1A until the end of 2016, they proposed.
The company needs 2,300-2,500 tons of cement per day for construction of projects under the steel complex and Son Duong deep-seaport, Vung Ang EZ.

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By Duong Quang – Translated by Hai Mien

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