Party Congress Vows to Enhance National Development

The 10th National Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam officially opened at Ba Dinh Hall in Ha Noi on April 18 with the participation of 1,176 delegates on behalf of more than 3.1 million Party members of the whole country.

The Party Congress takes place at Ba Dinh Hall

Before the opening ceremony, delegates paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at his mausoleum and laid floral wreaths at the Martyr’s Memorial in Bac Son Street.

The Presidium of the Congress includes Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and other Politburo members of the 9th Party Central Committee, including State President Tran Duc Luong, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An and members of Presidium.

Prominent among guests at the solemn ceremony were former Party and State leaders and representatives of people of all strata.

Many distinguished guests, including representatives of revolutionary veterans, Heroic Mothers, outstanding intellectuals and young people attended the opening ceremony.

Delivering the opening speech, State President Tran Duc Luong, on behalf of the delegates, expressed his great pride in and respect for President Ho Chi Minh and other Party members, soldiers and people who had sacrificed their lives for the national building and defending cause.

President Tran Duc Luong stressed, “The 10th National Party Congress must face the truth. The Congress confirms a great resolution of the Party, the people and the army to lift Viet Nam out of its underdeveloped status to emerge as a modern industrialized country. We are determined to do our best to increase the Party's leadership and combative capacity, promote the strength of the whole nation, comprehensively accelerate the renovation process, carry out the target of ‘prosperous people, strong country, fair, democratic and civilized society’, thus firmly marching toward socialism and being able to rub shoulders with the most developed countries in the world.”

After the opening speech by State President Tran Duc Luong, on behalf of the whole country’s people, the people’s delegation of the capital city of Ha Noi welcomed and gave flowers to the Congress. On this occasion, 35 communist and fraternal parties in the world have sent letters and greeting messages to the 10th National Party Congress.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh delivers the report.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh delivered the Report on Documents Presented to the 10th National Party Congress themed “Improving the Party’s leadership and capacity for struggle, bringing into full play the entire national strength, comprehensively accelerating the renovation process, and quickly leading the country out of the underdeveloped status soon".

The documents include the Political Report, Report on Directions and Tasks of Socio-Economic Development 2006-2010, Report on Party Building Work, Report on Amendment and Supplementation of Party Rules, Report on Results of the Eighth Central Party’s Resolution 6 in the ninth term and Report on Review of the ninth Party Central Executive Committee’s Leadership”.

The Congress discussed Party-building and rectifying work, the Party's leadership and combativeness improvement,  making the Party pure and strong in terms of politics, ideology and organization, with strong internal unity and close connection with the people, deserving the leadership role in the new period.

The Congress will also consider amending some articles of Party Rules to promote democracy, intelligence and its responsibilities before the people and the Party. It will hold vote for the tenth Central Executive Committee (term 2006-2010) of talented, virtuous and spirited members to perform its leadership role to turn Viet Nam into a developed country, reaching the targets of enriching the people, strengthening the country, creating an equal, democratic and civilized society in the socialism orientation.

After making brief comment on five years’ implementation of the ninth Party Congress Resolution and 20 years of reform, General Secretary Nong Duc Manh presented the directions and targets of national development in the next five years, 2006 to 2010.

Next, Mr. Phan Dien delivered a report on the leadership of the ninth-tenure Central Executive Committee.

The report stressed in the ninth tenure, which saw complicated situations in Viet Nam and all over the world, the Central Executive Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat directed the Party, the people and armed forces to maintain the renovation process and carry out the Resolutions of the ninth Party Congress.

The Party ensured its overall leadership and focused more on key industries and localities, attached special importance to supervision of the execution of the ninth Party Congress’ Resolution and resolutions of the Central Committee, solved many sensitive and complicated problems appropriately and in time, improved the people’s living conditions, maintained political stability,  strengthened and extended diplomatic relations and national defense, raised the country’s position and profile and international prestige, developed the Party, consolidated the political system, kept practicing democracy within the Party and among the people, maintained disciplines within the Party and in the society.

Generally, the Central Executive Committee, the Politburo and the nine-tenure Secretariat basically fulfilled tasks and responsibilities set in the ninth Party Congress’ Resolution.

Mr. Phan Dien also pointed out weaknesses. The Party leadership had failed to concentrate on dealing with a certain persistent weaknesses in socio-economic developments, and activities of the Party and the State. Administrative reforms have been progressing at a slower pace than expected. In National defense and Foreign Affairs, the Party's leadership has at times showed passiveness and floundering, leaving much room for improvement; Sometimes directions were not sufficiently focused to make breakthroughs in the renovation process, and the Party’s consolidation, especially in combating bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, wrongdoings; Not many improvements were achieved in the leadership style and working manner.

Mr. Dien said the weaknesses have limited the Party’s overall leadership and had certain influence on the country’s development.

In the April 18 afternoon, the Congress delegates worked in groups to discuss draft political reports of the 10th Party Congress.

On April 19, the Congress is discussing its documents and rules to elect members for the Tenth Central Executive Committee.

Three major amendments for the Party’s Rules

1- Regarding the definition: “The Communist Party of Viet Nam is the pioneers of the working class, and the pioneers of the workers and the people of Viet Nam; is the loyal representative for the benefits of the working class, workers and the Vietnamese people.”

2- Amendment for “election of alternate members of the Central Committee” to train officials for the Central Committee and to replace official members when necessary.

3- One more assignment for Party units of different levels: supervision. Checks and supervision are the duties of the units, checks must go with supervision, the aim of supervision is to discover new issues in order to deal with wrongdoings right at the beginning.

By staff writers – Translated by Tuong Thuy - Thuy Hang

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