Cold air powerfully operating in northern region

A cold air will impact and bring showery weather in the northern provinces of Vietnam by this afternoon.

Because of the influence from the cold air and northeast monsoon, the Gulf of Tonkin and the northern East Sea will see powerful wind of level 6- 8 and sea rough.

From October 30- 31, the weather in the northern region will be cooler with its lowest temperature of level 19- 22 degrees Celsius, even at level 16- 19 degrees Celsius in the northern mountain areas.
Tonight, several small- heavy rains will make temperature reduce in Hanoi capital at 20- 21 degrees Celsius.

By November 1, the cold air is forecast to operate strongly in the northern mountainous provinces. The lowest temperature can keep at 15- 20 degrees Celsius.

Very heavy rains are warned to hit the locations from Nghe An to Khanh Hoa province from October 30 to November 4.

In addition, a flood is predicted to occur in the local rivers from Nghe An to Binh Dinh provinces. The flood level will reach at 2- 5 meters in upstream rivers and 1- 3 meters in downstream rivers. Thus, the local residents need to prevent flash flood and landslide in the lower areas.

Completed by Huyen Huong

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